Video Ads Crash Course is the most up to date training on setting up and profiting from YouTube Ads. After you go through this in depth video training you will know all there is to know about crafting your first video ad, setting up the campaign, and tracking conversions. In addition to the course there is also a case study where I show how I was able to get over 9,000% ROI on a single campaign!

TubeSift is a YouTube Advertisers dream. It allows you to find monetized placements for you to run your video ads in front of! You can also use the software to find the keywords that your audience is actually searching for. On top of the Video Search, Channel Search, and Keyword Search, TubeSift also has a Campaign Builder so you can create video ad campaigns from inside the software! This tool will allow you to laser target your audience and ensure you get the most ROI out of YouTube Ad campaigns.

YouTube Channel Art Creator is a software that is newbie and veteran friendly. Simply choose a template or start with a blank slate. From there just add your images, text, and effects. Once you are happy with your design just click the download button and upload it to YouTube! You only get one chance for a first impression and YouTube is no exception. Make sure you have a well branded and established presence on YouTube by having professional channel art that your viewers will see every time they watch a video from your channel.