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Hacking Your Keyword Tool

5 Easy to Use Hacks for Getting the Most out of Your Keyword Tool!

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Are You Using Your Keyword Tool to its Full Potential?

We all know the importance of having a powerful keyword tool…

Most of us have at least one keyword tool in our arsenal but most marketers aren’t using their keyword tool to it’s full potential! In fact, most marketers will just plug a single phrase into their tool, get a list of results and move on.

While most only use keyword tools to find new keywords advanced marketers are doing much, much more with theirs…

You can do things like:

  • research audiences
  • find new niches
  • research pain points
  • find new ideas for content
  • find out what online buyers are looking for

All of this can be done using almost any keyword tool!

Lets start with Audience Research…

Note: the keyword tool I am showing screenshots of is called Power Suggest Pro and it has some pretty advanced features that most other keyword tools don’t have but the searching will be very similar for other tools as well. You will see a * in a lot of my searches and that acts as a “fill in the blank” for suggestions. If you are using another tool just leave out the * and the results will be similar.

You can check out Power Suggest Pro by Clicking Here

Lets dive in…

By typing a simple phrase such as “how to * for business” into your keyword tool you can reveal what the needs of many small business owners out there are today.

That simple search revealed things that business owners are in need of and searching for on a daily basis!


You can also search something like “best * for business” and come up with a list of products and services that business owners want and need!

A simple search I performed revealed:


A simple search such as “* for brides” (or any other target market for that matter) will reveal the wants and desires of that market!


Niche Research

Now lets explore how we can do some Niche Research…

Lets say we are marketers (we are actually marketers) and we are trying to find new niches to move into…

A simple search like “marketing for” will reveal a TON of valuable information!


If we are looking to discover niches in the market of public speaking we could search something like “public speaking for” and uncover hundreds of new niches in just a few seconds…


This also works for any other market by searching “(market you are researching) for”.

Pain Points

Now, one of the things that most marketers struggle with is finding pain points that apply to their target audience. After all, if you can solve a pain point you are ten steps ahead of your competition!

So how would we use a keyword tool to research Pain Points?

A search such as “how to improve” or “how to stop” will reveal a huge list of pain points in various markets.

To narrow this down a bit (to a selected market) we could search “how to stop * tennis” and reveal a ton of pain points for tennis players!


Looks like someone needs to invent a non-squeak tennis shoe! (I’ll take 10% royalties please)

Bonus tip: Search “* that works (market you are in)” will reveal pain points for your market as well!


Content Ideas

We know that content is king but it isn’t always that easy to come up with relevant content for your chosen market…

Luckily, we can use Keyword Tools to discover new Content Ideas!

Lets say we need content ideas about running. A simple “is running * good for you” search will reveal exactly what people are searching for so you can create content that will actually be relevant!


One of my personal favorites since I create online training courses is searching for “online course for” which reveals exactly what people are looking (and willing to pay) for!


Note that we found 739 different ideas for content creation!

What about video marketing?

Lets say you are a video marketer and are looking for video creation ideas… We can search YouTube for “best way to” and find out what people want to learn!10

Buyer Research

Last but not least we have Buyers Research which is huge for those amazon affiliates or people running e-commerce stores!

Searching for something like “best reviewed” will uncover products that people are interested in purchasing and want a review on which indicates intent to buy…


Now, most of the time the higher the price of an item the more commission or profit one will receive…

If we are searching for higher priced products we can search for something like “* under $1500” to reveal high dollar products that people are looking for!


Bonus Tip: Search “top of the line” to uncover premium products people want.

And of course you can always search “where can I buy” to uncover products people are having issues finding.

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

A keyword tool can be used for much more than just finding new keywords!

As I mentioned above, these tactics can be used with almost any keyword tool (I have tested them on a few and got a bunch of great results) but through my testing I have found that I got the best results from Power Suggest Pro due to it’s additional features.

If you would like to see a full demo of Power Suggest Pro (I barely touched on all the features this thing has) Click Here.

P.S.- I would love to hear your thoughts on these hacks I have laid out in this post so feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below!

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